We’re transforming the world of Emergency Medical Care through the power of data. Our mission is to revolutionize how you save lives by empowering your service with data-driven decision-making

What we do

Our comprehensive range of solutions is designed to unlock the power of your data to provide you with the insights and intelligence you need to operate efficiently and provide exceptional care. From bespoke analytics solutions to patient safety innovations, we blend deep industry knowledge with the latest research and technological expertise, so that you can focus on what matters most – saving lives.

Managed Data Analytics & Intelligence

Our Managed Data Analytics and Intelligence service transforms raw data from your service into actionable intelligence. We use cutting-edge technologies and expert methodologies to consistently and reliably monitor, manage, and analyze your data for you.

Analytics & Data Science Advisory

Whether you’re looking to optimize resource use and allocation or gain insight into your clinical effectiveness, our team of experts will work closely with you. We bridge the gap between data and decision-making, delivering bespoke strategies and models to elevate your service’s performance and effectiveness.

Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Toolbox

At the heart of EMS is the unwavering commitment to patient safety and quality care. Our Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Toolbox is designed to support this mission. We offer resources to identify potential risks, track safety metrics, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Operational & Clinical Analytics Audit

Our Analytics Audit service is your pathway to unlocking the full potential of your current healthcare system’s analytics. We provide you with a comprehensive evaluation that highlights areas for improvement, identifies bottlenecks, and offers actionable insights to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your healthcare analytics.

Why choose us?

In the dynamic world of Emergency Medical Services, experience isn’t just a marker of time—it’s a testament to adaptability, learning, and growth. With decades of experience spanning the USA, UK, Europe, The Middle East, and Africa, we bring unparalleled global expertise to the table. This extensive background means we’ve witnessed varied challenges and devised unique solutions across diverse EMS landscapes. 

Our experience and solutions span the depth and breadth of EMS